If you’ve ever written a post or lurked on an investing discussion board, I’d like to show you something I think you’ll love

Some of the best places to learn about investing are online discussion boards. These are tight-knit communities of intensely passionate investors who have been documenting their market beating returns for decades. They have well-thought out strategies, passionate discussions, and incredible results. These people support their families with their investments and work for no one but themselves.

You’d expect these high-caliber people to be working at hedge funds, managing millions. But they choose a life independent from Wall Street. They work with an expert team, but it’s an opt-in group of other hard-working discussion board contributors. …

Dear person(s) who have not yet been named,

I wanted to write to you today to let you know that I am thinking about you even though you do not exist yet. Today is my 30th birthday. A couple of days ago Grandma passed away. And on the 28th of last month I asked your mom to marry me. I am caught up in both reflective and futuristic thinking at the moment; feelings of thankfulness as well as loss are both quick to percolate through my brain.

We all depend on those who were thinking about us before we were…

As I dive deeper into Object Oriented programming using JavaScript at Launch School, I have found that I repeatedly need to check if two objects have the same key/value pairs.

In Ruby, this was easy- Ruby understood that you wanted to compare the entries that were in a hash:

But in JavaScript the equality operators are going to check whether the two objects occupy the same spot in your computer’s memory. The example below returns false instead of true. Dang it!

Online learning can be lonely. But it doesn’t have to be.

Launch School students are a delightful bunch. These are all students I have done multiple 1 on 1 study sessions with. Images used with permission.

When you commit to a program like Launch School, you do so because you are drawn to the pedagogy of Mastery Based Learning, the philosophy of starting with atomic concepts that don’t change, and the forward thinking goal of starting a long-lasting career, not just getting a job.

To me, those are exactly the areas to prioritize — and I am extremely happy with the program one year in even though I am not even halfway through the core curriculum. It’s a long journey for sure, and there are certainly tradeoffs when you decide to prioritize the long-term over the…

To understand how the internet works, we need to understand what the internet is.

Photo by Christopher Burns on Unsplash

The internet is a system of both physical parts and logical rules for how computers and programs should interact.

Ultimately, the logical rules are the more complex, harder to grasp side of the internet, so let’s start with the more straight forward physical side of the internet.

Physical Parts

Physically, the internet is a network of networks all connected through tangible infrastructure such as cables, wires, radio waves, and networked devices.

What is a network?

The most basic mental model of a network is two computers connected to…

This is me in my study space in Santa Barbara, CA, trying to get better. Photo Credit: Jeanette Gonzalez


The last rays of sunset are beginning to vanish from the horizon as I lean back in my chair, simultaneously victorious and defeated.

Victorious because I had just gotten the last of the 18 tests to pass on the ‘Roman Numerals’ RB 130 Challenge problem.

Defeated because it had taken me four hours yesterday and three hours today to complete this one challenge.

While I told myself that sticking it out and completing the problem was honorable, a conflicting thought emerged in the back of my mind.

“Taking 7 hours on a single challenge…

I got stuck during the interview portion of RB 109. You will get stuck as well. Here is how to prepare.

Image from Getty | Credit: Logan Faerber

Getting stuck in an interview is common. This is not a bad thing; it is part of the perennial process to mastery. Getting stuck will happen in actual job interviews. Human’s can’t regurgitate every page from a book word for word- so while we always strive for complete mastery, part of the journey (and also what interviewers look for) is how you respond to moments where you get stuck.

Here’s the trap I fell into: I thought that upping…

I spent five years working towards two masters degrees. I used to get done with work and go sit in class for three hours and think to myself “I am getting so much knowledge right now!” When I look back on those five years I can say that I was exposed to many concepts, but I don’t remember how to use what I learned because there was never an element of practice in the curriculum. I wish I understood the quote below by David Richards when I had started.

We all use our brains for the wrong thins. We try…

On Thursday 21st March, 2019, Tim Minchin received an honorary Doctorate of Performing Arts from Edith Cowan University. He gave the following advice about pursuing a career in music or theatre or dace or film. His advice also applies to a career as a software engineer.

You have to get good. Get really good. No short-cut, no business technique, no amount of self-promotion or nice business cards, none of it means anything, really. You just have to be really, really good at what you do. Ideally, be the best. And that takes hours and hours and hours. Time when your…

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